Piano Lessons

I teach piano lessons to children of all ages. My lessons are 30 minutes each, priced at $15 per lesson per student. Please contact me if you’re interested in lessons! Here is my Piano Lessons Policy.

My musical background: I took piano lessons from age 7 to 16. I have been teaching piano lessons myself for ten years now, and have taught about 30 different students during that time. I play piano weekly for several activities, such as my church and Bible Study, and I have lots of experience playing in front of many people. In 2010, I became the youngest person to win first place in piano at Summit, a national competition for highschoolers in the Awana program.

I am currently in the process of creating video tutorials for some popular piano lesson books. So far, I have made tutorials for Piano Adventures: Lesson Book 1 and Alfred’s Basic All-in-One Course Book 2.

I’ve also made a Music Notes Identification Chart to help students memorize all their piano notes using fun and easy to remember mnemonics. You can view and download it as a JPG or as a PDF. Feel free to share and use it freely, as long as you credit my website (this page).