What is the Trinity?

Trinity - Google Search Results

“Trinity” – Google Images search results

Above is a screenshot of the Google Images search results for the word “Trinity.” There seem to be a ton of interpretations and designs, and even some Matrix mentions, but what exactly is the Trinity? It’s not a word you’ll find in the Bible; it wasn’t introduced into Christian theology until the 3rd century A.D..

“Trinity” is a word that Christians use in order to describe the incredible and mysterious relationship between God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. It’s a relationship that people have been trying to explain ever since the dawn of Christianity, but I believe that we, as finite humans, can never fully understand it. We can, through examination of the Scriptures, understand what it is; however, we can never understand how exactly it works. Here are my two cents (or a few dollars!) on the subject. Refer to the picture I made below as you continue reading.

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